If you want the fishing trip of a lifetime to a key biodiversity hotspot of truly outstanding beauty, then the 13 islands of Saint Brandon are for you. The Saint Brandon archipelago boasts the longest continuous algal ridge in the Indian Ocean and you can contribute to its upkeep and conservation for future generations as a responsible visitor.

Environmental stewardship is a key part of our operation and we offer sustainable fishing and related activities. Thereby visitors enjoy nature’s beauty, whilst helping to manage the human impact on the islands.


Responsible access for visits to the thirteen islands are arranged by email request to eco-protection@stbrandon.com.  Visitor requests must be received at least 2 weeks in advance of a proposed landing in order to prepare our island conservator(s) so that we can protect the islands’ ecology and keep visitors, like yourself, safe.


The Raphaël Fishing Company is the only entity which is able to offer onshore accommodation to sports fishermen at the 13 islands of Saint Brandon. Visitors can spend 8 nights ashore on one of our islands, in an island-style “campement” (bungalow) environment with 7 full days of fishing and discovery.


Activities include snorkelling, discovering the vibrant biodiversity of these beautiful islands with our team, bird watching and participating in our conservation activities.

A Boat Trip from Mauritius to Raphaël Island can be arranged by calling T.  +230  2106468 or emailing clients@stbrandon.com for more information.


Saint Brandon, as a sports fishing destination, is every fisherman’s dream. It is a unique and without doubt, one of the most pristine, isolated and exclusive saltwater fishing locations on the planet. While offering a world class fishing adventure, we rigorously observe best practice in long-term, sustainable resource management by restricting fishing catches in line with internationally established thresholds.

The proposed package includes passage on one of our commercial fishing vessels of 65 feet for a trip of 11 days, including 2 nights at sea and 8 nights on South Island (minimum of two persons).


  • Departure from Port Louis around 3 pm. Skipper’s briefing. Departure is scheduled every Monday.
  • Arrival at South Island the next day after 24 hours at sea (depending on sea conditions).
  • 8 nights ashore at one of our facilities/7 full days of fishing (Popping/Jigging/Dropshot)
  • Departure on the 10th day after an early breakfast.
  • Arrival in Mauritius the next day around 09:00 – Thursday


  • One tender boat equipped with two engines 15hp
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner – Mauritian meals
  • Coffee, tea, water
  • Juices & soft drinks


  • Alcoholic (spirits etc) beverages
  • Fishing equipment (guests are requested to bring their own equipment)
  • Fishing or Conservation guide


We encourage people who visit the 13 islands of Saint Brandon to use fishing equipment that has been designed to be environmentally friendly and will not cause any harm to animals in the area. Generally, these will be either steel or tin pieces and do not contain lead. You can also purchase biodegradable fishing lines.
  • Ideally 4 rods: One 20-80 g power with a 40 lb. braid for shallow reefs (duckbill, grouper, small trevallies); a 2.50m power 60lb rod for yellowfin tunas and “popping light” along reefs, and a 100lb rod (capable of casting more than 200g) for large GTs and a rod of 2,20m power 5-20 g with reel 2500 filled with braid 12 / 100th for the lagoon
  • Rod models recommended for heavy popping: Zenaq Tobizo TC80-200, Tenryu Furrary Xtreme Popping, Carpenter LR86 …
  • Daiwa Saltiga and Shimano Stella SW quality reels
  • Recommended Braids: YKG Ultra Castman, 8-Strand Daiwa J-Braid, WFT, Powerpro …
  • Lures for the lagoon: Halco Roosta type poppers 105 and 135, floating stickbaits and floating, swimming fish (type Yo-Zuri Crystal) from 11 to 13 cm, plus some casting jigs of 20 to 40 g.
  • Lures for the reefs: poppers from 100 to 200 g (Bull Surface, Halco Roosta 195, Heru Cubera 125 and 180, Rapala X-Plode, Orion Frazer, JTH Busqué 140, Amegari Dzanga 230 …), pencil poppers type Daiwa Bubble Maker 300 and Heru Skipjack, big stick baits floating and flowing 20 cm
  • Tuna lures: Halco Slidog 150 flowing stickbaits, 100 lbs. fluoro liner.

Add an extra touch of fun conservation to your trip

To discover the biodiversity of the 13 islands of Saint Brandon during your stay, we can provide ecology focused activities which combine fun with conservation.

  • Discovering the ecosystem of South Island, Cocos Island, Avocaire Island, Paul Island and/or Chaloupe Island with our guide

  • Snorkelling around South Island and Chaloupe Island to explore their marine environment

  • Planting endemic trees on South Island and Cocos Island

  • Birdwatching of a Frigate seabird colony

  • Joining our team in cleansing the beaches