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26 Dec Saint Brandon Eco Travels

Holiday destinations are plenty, yet there are some destinations that keep in mind that we have done much to harm our earth, let's try to preserve holiday destinations and contribute towards the survival of pristine sanctuaries. Climate change and the subsequent impact on the global environment stands at the fore of many people’s consciousness. That’s why making responsible travel choices has become all the more crucial. Throughout the years, Raphael Fishing has made environmental stewardship and ethical visitor’s practices a priority, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of St Brandon while minimizing human impact over the atoll.

With its crystalline, turquoise waters that lap gently at flawless, powder-white beaches, St Brandon, embodies the archetypal islands paradise dream. It also remains blissfully untouched due to its remoteness. The company is very much concerned in marine life conservation and in preserving the site as a major bird sanctuary for this region of the world.

Our goal

  • The cleaning of several beaches touched by marine pollution.
  • Planting on several islands.
  • Rehabilitation of Cocos Island.

Secluded snorkeling spots will have you discover the rich biodiversity of the vibrant marine life and for the beach cruisers, they will have the opportunity to observe where nesting sea turtles find a safe haven to lay their eggs and where different species of seabirds come ashore in a perpetual choreography.