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19 Dec Kitesurfing Holidays: 5 best places to explore

The Islands of Mauritius and Saint Brandon are set in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, just off the coast of southeast Africa, the perfect setting for a kitesurfing holiday! 

Almost one century has passed since Mark Twain said: “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius”. We can’t fault him for his poetic reasoning, especially discovering the island for the first time. We are blessed with winds that will make any kitesurfer dreams come true. Here, we'll share a few spots that are a must if you are in the region! 


1. Le Morne

A spot that will always be on any serious kitesurfers bucket list, Le Morne is home to what is considered the premier wave to ride in the kitesurfing world. From the beach, you'll see what is known as One Eye peel perfectly from left to right. Even though it's a magical spot for kitesurfing, be cautious. This spot is not ideal for beginners due to the close to shore wind direction and gusty winds, experts will soar in these conditions. 

2. Cap-Malheureux

The spot at Cap Malheureux offers a very smooth sea surface but is again for those of intermediary to confirmed levels due to the difficulty of getting started and the speedboats. It's good for kiting under nearly all wind directions but not suitable for windsurfing due to the shallowness.

3. Anse-La-Raie

"Works" almost all year round, as from 12 knots announced. The flat shallow surface suits those learning tricks and even beginners as long as they are assisted. A great ride and view, even being able to enjoy the view of gunners coin in the distance. It would be preferred to remain far offshore after a quick launch as rocks and trees could become hazardous.

4. Pointe D'esny

For those looking for long stretches, Pointe d'Esny is certainly one place to look out for. With winds from the South-east to East, the lagoon is absolutely stunning, with several downwind destinations such as Ilot Flamand and Ile Aux Cerfs several kilometers downwind. 

5. Saint Brandon

Many have heard of this mysterious kitesurfing destination, but have yet to set sail to discover Saint Brandon! The remoteness of the atoll provides for the ideal wind during the Southern hemisphere winter season (June to September) so as to make your trip a real fun adventure and advance your kiteboarding skills. No crowds, just mostly sandy bottoms and a huge playing ground. St Brandon is located 430 kilometres to the North East of Mauritius in the South Western part of the Indian Ocean. Only the brave will deserve it and enjoy the complete remoteness, flourishing fauna and  flora across the atoll!