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05 Dec Your next holiday fishing trip to Saint Brandon!

Deciding on your next fishing trip destination is never easy. So many places all over the world, although there is one place, deep within the Indian Ocean, due east of Madagascar and 300 miles northeast of the island of Mauritius, lies an obscure and seldom visited atoll that may be the greatest bonefishing destination in the world, Saint Brandon.

Anglers that have had the fortune of travelling to Saint Brandon will tell you, you'll fish for bonefish to your heart's content! Raphael Departing from Mauritius with Raphael Fishing, it's a 2-day journey to reach the atoll. Once arrived, it's time to gear up and get ready to go fishing.

With no time to waste, you'll team up with the local fishing guides that put their years of Indian Ocean Fishing into practice as you venture out exploring the multitude of pure white sand flats, shorelines, broken coral islands and the deeper blues, you guessed it, waters that are bustling with bonefish, and a huge variety of Giant Trevally!  

Depending on the season, you can expect to catch bonefish weighing approximately 4-8 lbs, now that's certainly quite the rod bending action that you'd be expecting bing in the fisherman's paradise! There are endless opportunities and locations to reel in your first catch of the day while having the place to yourself and your buddies! From South Island, l'île Boisées, Avocaré Island, Baleine Rocks, Coco Island and Île Raphael are the main islands that you'll be able to discover.

Occasionally you'll take a look around you and realise that you are in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on an atoll for the sole purpose of enjoying the true nature of fishing and not a soul for hundreds of miles. Fishing at it's very best.