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03 Jul Catching a Barracuda from shore on Saint Brandon!

Barracuda are saltwater fish that are mostly found in tropical and subtropical water all around the world, notably at Saint brandon, the fishing haven for keen fishermen looking for a true fishing escapade!

Barracuda often feed on just about every type of small fish that across it path. They are very aggressive and can strike very fast at anything that enters their territory. They possess razor razor-sharp teeth that are well known for their cutting capabilities. If is not uncommon for a baitfish to be Barracudas are silvery in color with a darkish barred back. In shallow waters, barracudas can change their bar colors from the almost dark color to a light brown color that help them camouflage in their surrounding sea floor.

Use Great Barracuda Lures and Baits
Barracudas are known for their aggressive nature and can strike on anything. When fishing from offshore, use medium-size lures and baits. Medium lure and baits will give them an easy time to swallow since most of the barracuda found along the shores are not big in size compared to the ones in the deep sea. For successful fishing of barracuda at the shores, use tube lures. They easily attract barracuda and can increase your chances of catching a lot of barracuda.

Use Great Barracuda Tactics
In most cases, barracudas cannot resist the urge to pursue an injured looking fish that is trying to find its way away from the barracuda. The trick here is to use live baitfish or lures that appear to be injured. They will definitely pursue the lure and increase your chances of catching them.

Perfect Fishing Time
Undoubtedly, the appropriate time to catch Barracuda is right about high tide. Barracuda will most likely remain in one place and will not concentrate so much on passing fish until the tide changes. High tides normally draw barracudas nearer to the shoreline to prey on small baitfish which are moving around tidal areas. It is at this point that you can cast your baits and they will easily strike without the need of moving from one point to another in search of small fish.