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26 Jun What types of birds can I excpect to see across the Saint Brandon atoll?

Holiday destinations are plenty, yet there are some destinations that keep in mind that we have done much to harm our earth, let's try to preserve holiday destinations and contribute towards the survival of pristine sanctuaries. Climate change and the subsequent impact on the global environment stands at the fore of many people’s consciousness. That’s why making responsible travel choices has become even more crucial. Throughout the years, Raphael Fishing has made environmental stewardship and ethical visitor’s practices a priority, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of Saint Brandon while minimizing human impact over the atoll.

Analyses of 30 different islets that make up the atoll showed that the seabird species mostly partitioned their use of islets based on islet size, with four species preferring larger islets and two species preferring smaller islets. Alien species introduced historically are still present and other threats, such as shipwrecks, remain.

Saint Brandon is an important bird sanctuary. When doing beach excursions, please be careful not to walk on eggs or to disturb a nest. Not all islands can be visited, for example, the islands which hold colonies of roseate sterns such as petit IDS, Veronge or Zozo Posé should not be approached. These bird species chicks are very skittish and if disturbed will run out to sea and often drown unable to come back ashore.

During your breakaway at Saint Brandon, you will have the chance to see some of the below-listed birds:

1. White Terns - Gygis alba
2. Brown Booby (Sula leucogaster)
3. Blue-faced Boobies - Sula dactylatra melanops
3. Sooty Terns - Sterna fuscata
4. Black-naped Tern (Sterna sumatrana)
5. Great Frigatebird (Fregata minor)
6. Lesser Frigatebird (Fregata ariel)
7. Great Crested Tern (Thalasseus bergii)
8. Brown noddy (Anous stolidus)
9. Lesser Noddy (Anous tenuirostris)

With its crystalline, turquoise waters that lap gently at flawless, powder-white beaches, St Brandon, embodies the archetypal islands paradise dream. It also remains blissfully untouched due to its remoteness. Raphael Fishing is very much concerned in marine life conservation and in preserving the site as a major bird sanctuary for this region of the world.