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12 Jun Things to do on Saint Brandon

The title just made us laugh on inside a little... the people that travel to Saint Brandon already know what they have signed up for and what awaits them. Saint Brandon offers a huge amount of opportunities for a wide range of fishing experiences, scenic kitesurfing discoveries, undersea wonders for those looking to go diving, and a place for those to simply break away from the world - indulge in a pure digital detox and watch the turtles wade the waters and the birds roam the skies.

In Saint Brandon, you have a few options of what to do, and all of them are for a very specific reason. Let's take a look at each of the possibilities that are available when booking your trip to Saint Brandon with Raphael Fishing.

1. Fishing Trip
If fishing is one thing in the list of your hobbies that drives you crazy, then Saint Brandon atoll is definitely the place that you can’t afford to miss! Fishing, being the prominent activity in Saint Brandon Atoll has got enormous potential. The island is filled with fish that renders a great opportunity for you to have a great time with your fishing activity. Saint Brandon is home to thousands of bonefishes that will give you a remarkable fishing experience. Deep turquoise waters will soothe all your senses at once, giving you extraordinary memories that you will cherish for a lifetime

2. Diving Trip
Known for its pristine nature, the Saint Brandon atoll has long remained a restricted island where tourists were not allowed! Far from the human’s involvement, Saint Brandon has been untouched and debarred from the external interference so far that has best preserved its natural beauty and freshness. It is one of the best locations to visit if you wish to have a glimpse of life underwater. You are bound to attain the ultimate bliss under the calm waters when you will witness the breathtaking views of coral reefs and diverse forms of life existing in the realm of deep oceans. It will make you attain an ecstatic mind-frame seeing the phenomenal life residing in the tranquil state of being.

3. Kitesurfing Trip
Are you looking for a holiday spot where you can have unlimited fun along with exploring nature’s exuberance of widespread oceans and its life forms? Visiting the naturally gifted, calm and serene islands of Saint Brandon Atolls where you can indulge in the crazy activity of kite surfing will give you an unparalleled holiday experience. The thrilling activity of surfing in Mauritius’ exclusive lagoon is unbeatable to any other activity for it will make you have an eye to eye encounter with life itself.  Sailing through the ocean waves at a faster pace will awaken your senses like never before and will be embedded in your memory for the rest of your life.

4. Ecotrip / Digital Detox
Holiday destinations are plenty, yet there are some destinations that keep in mind that we have done much to harm our earth, let's try to preserve holiday destinations and contribute towards the survival of pristine sanctuaries. Climate change and the subsequent impact on the global environment stands at the fore of many people’s consciousness. That’s why making responsible travel choices has become even more crucial. Throughout the years, Raphael Fishing has made environmental stewardship and ethical visitor’s practices a priority, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of St Brandon while minimizing human impact over the atoll.

Not only are we concerned in keeping the islands as pristine as possible, but we also believe that technology should be put on hold. From intrusive alerts to constant social media sharing, technology is an ever-present guest at our dinner tables, in our office meeting spaces, and on our morning commutes. It’s even snuck its way into experiences meant to be relaxing and revitalizing, like vacations. While electronic devices can certainly help ease some travel troubles, it can also be a relief to step away from your phone or computer. You'll notice by the time you leave, you'll have improved sleep, better physical health and enjoy a happier and calmer you.

Saint Brandon has more to offer than you might imagine, we hope that we've been able to get this little location in the top of your destination bucket list!