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15 May 6 Unwritten Fishing Etiquette Rules

Going on a fishing trip to Saint Brandon is usually with a few of your fishing buddies, ready to escape the world and spend the next odd 10 days fishing and having a good time between mates. Sometimes you will go fishing on your own too. This is where two kinds of “fishing etiquette” arises.

There’s the obvious one we all think about when the phrase is mentioned – and the not-so-obvious one – the interaction with the people you are fishing with. Every sport has a set of rules to abide by and fishing is no different. When it comes to fishing, there are a few common courtesies that every fisherman should follow. They can all be boiled down to the “golden rule”- simply treat others how you yourself would want to be treated.

It’s easy to practice fishing ethics and etiquette. Here are 6 “unwritten rules” to remember next time you cast your line.

Greet Your Fishing Neighbor: Say Hi, Hello, Good Morning, How is it going or any other form of acknowledgment to the other fisherman. Giving the vibe that you are ignoring people, is not only rude but will definitely make for an unpleasant experience to your fishing neighbor.

Be Aware of Where You Cast: Depending on which direction the water is running you have to cast where your fishing line does not crosses your neighbors fishing line. It is never good fishing etiquette to cross your neighbor’s line when you cast. If you cannot see his line, make sure to ask him/her where their line is and cast accordingly.

Be Careful When You Reel In: When you start reeling in your line, be careful not to catch your neighbors fishing line. Occasionally it happens, I know I have done it. But do not make a habit of it.

Fishing Partner Courtesy: When your fishing partner hooks into a fish, reel your line in and help him land/net the fish

Courtesy to Mother Nature when Fishing: Most true fishermen are environmentalists. We love nature and want to keep it looking good and healthy for our kids, their kids and their kids, etc. When you see a bottle floating in the water or a can stuck on a flat, pick it up. Be aware of what you have (trash) in your boat. 

Practice Catch and Release. If you are not going to keep the fish you catch, gently place them back into the water as quickly as possible. Limit your catch, don't catch your limit.

Basically, fishing etiquette is similar to regular daily etiquette. Be nice to people. Do as you would like to be done to. If everyone is respectful while they're on the water it will make everyone's boating/fishing experience that much better.