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01 May Escape for an ALL INCLUSIVE fishing holiday on Saint Brandon Island for 11 days.

Raphael Fishing brings you to the best fishing destination for a true holiday breakaway, Saint Brandon. Home to the incredible fauna and flora, the untouched atoll has a lot of surprises you definitely don’t want to miss! Raphael Fishing brings you the opportunity to spend 11 days on the atoll, disconnected from the real world, and the best thing is that you have the waters all by yourself! So grab the opportunity to get your hands on the best catches such as huge GTs, groupers, snappers, and tunas, and unleash your inner spirit for an adventure of a lifetime with Raphael Fishing.

Raphael Fishing offers you huge amount of opportunities for a wide range of fishing experiences in the lagoon of Saint Brandon. We promise you great catches with recommended fishing equipment, and anglers coming to Saint Brandon are assured maximum action and bent rods to enhance your experience. We guarantee you an adventure of a lifetime with lots of excitement and thrills through our amazing fishing activities across 65 feet of unspoiled fishing locations only for you. Raphael Fishing also brings you on an incredible adventure with its Diving, Kitesurfing, and Eco Trips, while minimizing human impact on the atoll. So embark yourself on this paradise holiday and make it one of your best!

**This exclusive offer is valid only to Mauritian residents**