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10 Apr Our top 5 kitesurf gadgets to have with you during your kitesurfing travels

When travelling with kitesurf luggage, we all know that space and weight is always very limited! There are some travel essentials and must-haves that we think all kitesurfers should have with them on their kitesurfing adventures especially when travelling to remote and exotic locations like Saint Brandon. That’s why we’ve listed a selection of our top 5 kitesurf gadgets to have with you during your kitesurfing travels.

1. Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

No matter how good and how high your sun protection is, almost every kitesurfer/surfer/windsurfer we have seen coming out of the water has that really nasty sunburn on their cheeks and nose. We highly recommend using Zinc Oxide sunscreen that can come in the form of pastes, lotions, and sticks. This will keep your skin safe and able to ride on day after day.

2. Action Cam

Seeing the world from above and being able to record your jumps out of that perspective is purely amazing to see – even more so if you’re at destinations where the water looks as astonishing as here in Saint Brandon. Don’t forget to pack in all the accessories to secure your action cams on your board, body and more importantly, at the top of your kiteline! An awesome accessory to capture your session and share it with your friends.

3. Sunglasses / Sunshields 

When you are out in the sun all day, it can take a toll not only on your skin but your eyes too! The sun in Saint Brandon can be intense, so we would recommend having an anti-fog, anti-splash, polarised, impact protection and have a way to stick to your face 😊 You can find numerous water sports sunglasses, although we would recommend the following brands: LiP, Oakley and Kurtis just to name a few.

4. An Anemometer

A what? Yes, that’s right, an anemometer is a wind meter. This amazing little tool is essential not only gives you an accurate wind reading but can also tell you things like how big the gusts are. These can save you the time and grief of pumping up the wrong kite and having a bad session.

5. Performance Tracking

Along with insane jumps and rib busting speeds, kiteboarding is all about you and the elements, or as some might call it, nature. We still want to see how we performed, better yet how we performed against other riders! There are a few performance tracker that you can use to track your ride performance and share with other riders: check out PIQ + North, Woo Sports and Xensr 3D Air Gps.

There you have it, our top 5 gadgets to have with you when heading out to your next kitesurfing destination! Don’t forget to put Saint Brandon on your bucket list, it’s out of this world!