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03 Apr Fishing for Giant Trevally in Saint Brandon, the ultimate fishing expedition!

The Giant Trevally (GT) is one of the most challenging fish species to catch due to their incredible strength, speed and persistence once they’re hooked. At Raphael Fishing, we have countless experience in landing GTs, giving our clients a fishing expedition of a lifetime at Saint Brandon!

To give you a quick understanding of the fish, imagine a fish with teeth and intense biting ability; can grow up to 60kg, a fish that eats anything. Imagine an avid lure taker, a surface feeder as well as a denizen of the depths; a fish with an insatiable appetite… That’s the GT, so you have to admit we’re dealing with a creature that’s close to being the perfect sport fish. Here are some of our top tips when going GT fishing in Saint Brandon:

Contrary to popular belief, some of the best Giant Trevally action to be had is during low light conditions. Heading out just before daybreak or dusk is the ideal time to hook a GT. However, this is all very dependent on the water. The preferable conditions would be closer to Spring Tides with high water in the mornings and evenings. Due to the low light at these times, visibility will be limited. 

This can be exciting fishing, but often there are long lulls between strikes. After half an hour without any action, one’s concentration can be at a low point – then suddenly a fish as big as a Volkswagen smashes the surface trying to swallow your lure. You never know when GTs will show up.

As you must give these fish heaps or they will take you to the cleaners every time, you’ll need good gear. This means strong, robust reels with smooth, powerful drags that can be set to around half the line’s breaking strain, while rods need plenty of grunt and should be able to fish the line weight being used to the max without flattening out.

Tough fluorocarbon leaders help to reduce line abrasion. This can be from the fish’s head and fins when hooked up, or from swimming into and around reef structures such as bommies, caves and gutters, which often sees them win their freedom. However, in such situations, we have found that slackening the line will sometimes encourage them to change direction or come back out again – hopefully, the same way they went in.

Check out our recommended gear here, as Benjamin Franklin once said: "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." 

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