activities in mauritius
20 Mar There's one more place that you should get exited about for kitesurfing!

Deciding on your kitesurfing destination might not be easy, but having a kitesurf school and expert instructors will surely give you peace of mind!  

At Raphael Fishing, when booking your kitesurfing holiday at Saint Brandon, we have a reputable school and instructors that make the trip with you. Knowing the islands like the back of their hands, they'll assist you as you discover the atoll of Saint Brandon across the waters. 

Specialised Kiteboarding is our partner when it comes to organising kitesurfing trips to Saint Brandon. All equipment and itinerary will be reviewed before departure to make sure that everything is in good working condition that the various locations to kite have been scouted. 

As you'll have to go through the magnificent Mauritius island, already known for its kitesurfing spots, like Le Morne, you can discover the island and some of these great kite spots before adventuring into a world where the waters are yours and the skies empty of all sails, apart from yours! 

Check out this video and see for yourself! Maybe we'll see sooner than you thought!