activities in mauritius
06 Mar Saint Brandon, home to a myriad of animal species!

Rich in flora and fauna, Saint Brandon benefits from its own magical Nature. The islands are covered with white granular sand from eroded coral and a thick layer of guano can be found in most places. Almost deserted, the islands’ beaches are a favourite place for sea turtles to lay their eggs. Coconut trees can be found on few of the Saint Brandon islands as well as bushes and grass. The coral reefs and the lobster infested outer reefs have remained in perfect condition. This archipelago has a huge range of marine biodiversity, including crayfish and octopus.

The magnet of attention is Albatross Island which is the largest of the Saint Brandon islands and a real birds’ sanctuary. Protected from marine predators in one of the most hostile marine environments and a pass that can be accessed by real monsters of the sea, Albatross has proudly preserved its reputation. All day long, thousands of birds compete for every inch of an area to be able to stay on this island. Among the birds, you can expect the “ye-ye”, the “virgin”, the “makoa”, the Red-Footed Booby and the Roseate Tern.

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