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20 Feb What type of kitesurfer are you?

There are many great destinations to enjoy a kitesurfing holiday! Aiutaki – Cook Islands, Lencois Maranheses – Brazil, Saint Brandon – Mauritius,Los Roques – Venezuaela are surely some of the top ten places on any kite surfers bucket list.

Today we take a spin off the various stereotypes of kite surfers, some of you might recognise yourselves of know someone that fits one of the “types” listed below. Enjoy! 

Wind snob: only comes out if the wind is over 20 and the water is warm enough for shorts only. Has the image totally down and little/no fear but spends a lot of time in the water relaunching and/or dragging for his board after the frequent crash & burns.

The Ancient Ones: started before Y2K and rode alone or with 1-2 other guys for years before the general public had ever heard of "power kiting", much less "kitesurfing". Thinks 10 riders at the same spot is a crowd. Doesn't ramble on and on about kitesurfing like the addicts but can be coerced into sharing some wisdom if you're patient.

The Eternal Newb: always seems to be starting over whenever he shows up - which is not very often. Forgets something new each time. Spends 45min on the beach before putting the kite up, 15min getting to the water, 5min on the water before crashing, 20-30min trying (and failing) to relaunch, and another 30min cleaning up afterward.

The Foil Kiter: Highly educated, usually in the physical sciences or another technical field. Insists on foils because of their "Efficiency" and "Autonomy" - and because he can afford them. Usually very eccentric, may have an eastern European accent, and only shows up when the wind is lightish. Attire includes but is not limited to a full wetsuit (even in summer), booties, gloves, vest, seat harness, reel leash, hook knife, GPS and/or cell phone in a waterproof case(s), helmet, and impact vest or PFD. Usually rides a rather crude (considering his education) homemade ply board which enables him to ride in less wind than anyone else, but can't be edged when the wind picks up. 

The Talker: also known as the one that's in it for the image. Talks a good game but gets on the water and is like a small child trying to swim through custard. Comes in claims the conditions were not good and promptly skulks of in his Escalade and a token model girlfriend.

The Psycho: has a wife, 2 ex's, and a dozen kids. Has only 43min every 2-3 weeks to ride and goes out at that time no matter what the conditions. Able to inflate a 20m in 12 seconds flat, and always self-launches because "it's faster than asking someone". Sets up 3 feet away from the main entrance to the beach (no time to walk to the launch area). Vanishes as quickly as he appears...

The Chilled Out: really one of the more hardcore kiters that’s out on the water if its blowing well, their skill level is respectable. Yet they don't do contests and ride purely for the fun of kiteboarding. Rather than looking at their sport as a competition, they handle it as a lifestyle. But without the bling! While they do seem very relaxed, they know when to stop. or when they need to save their buddies in trouble!

If you’ve enjoyed the humour and want to discover more types, head on over to this blog post where you can find the full article.

*Credits to Tom183 for the fantastic descriptions