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23 Jan Why book a kitesurf holiday in Saint Brandon?

Simply because it's like stepping back in time.

Nearly stranded on multiple islands set against a stunning background of the endless blue Indian Ocean, beautiful white beaches and a break away from society, technology and modern life. The reef is far and near shore in certain places, after ample flat water, perfect for snorkeling, fishing, kitesurfing and diving.
The reef itself offers amazing waves for the more experienced kitesurfer. The waters are filled with fish the most seasoned fisherman can dream of, from the beach and by boat. We truly believe that Saint Brandon is a truly unique destination in the world. Combine this amazing sport with relaxing and discovering the raw beauty of this relatively untouched island.

Kitesurfing in Saint Brandon is having the ocean to yourself and endless islands to explore. Not only will you be able to soar across the waters, but you can also enjoy countless hours of snorkeling. If you're lucky, you'll be able to see turtles come and lay their eggs and make their way back into the crystal blue waters.

Getting to Saint Brandon is a journey in itself. You can decide to discover the magnificent island of Mauritius before heading off to Saint Brandon. Here you can also enjoy various famous kite surfing spots such as Le Morne. Setting sail from the Capital of Mauritius, the final leg of your journey begins before you discover the untouched atoll Of Saint Brandon.