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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Saint Brandon

1. How do I get there?

You will have to fly in through the Mauritius international airport and book a room in one of the many hotels around the capital city, Port Louis. The departure for Saint Brandon will be done from Port Louis at the indicated place and time. The boat trip will be around 24 hours.

2. What are the people like?

The Mauritian people are well known worldwide for their sense of hospitality, they are fun and lively with a great sense of humour. They really appreciate when the visitors can get involved with them from the start and most staff will bend over backwards to help and make sure you have a trip of a lifetime.

3. What health precautions do I need to know about, vaccinations and medications etc…?

Saint Brandon is totally malaria-free, but it is advisable to have inoculations for Hepatitis and Tetanus. Having outdoor activities in such a remote place, it is advisable to bring along a complete first aid kit too. In all cases, we advise you to speak to your family doctor and get the low down from him directly.

4. Is it dangerous?

We are not in the business of taking you to dangerous places. Saint Brandon is a place where you will feel safe and looked after in every way. Our camps and boats are operated by expert and experienced staff and visitors are safely secured. We will never purposely put you in any dangerous situation.

5. What will the weather conditions be like during my stay?

We have designed our packages to coincide with the best possible weather, although storms and freak weather can occur at any time. Most of the time, it is hot and sunny throughout the day and cool and pleasant during the evenings. Both camps have either air conditioning or fans.

6. What is the best season?

Difficult one to answer, but we propose our dates with care to coincide with the best of the fishing season or to make you enjoy at ease the other proposed leisure activities in Saint Brandon.

7. Can I bring my wife and is the destination suitable for kids?

Saint Brandon is a remote destination and can be considered as a hard-core one and thus not suitable for some women or children. But for those women and kids that can adapt to the hard conditions and feel at ease in such an environment, then no problem, they are most welcome.

8. What about non-fishermen?

Apart from the leisure fishing activities, Saint Brandon has the most unbelievable and abundant amount of wildlife and wonderful scenery. The atoll is an ideal playground for photographers and nature lovers, as well as for kitesurfers or divers. Again, depending on the activities to be enjoyed, we can advise which is more suitable for the non-angler.

9. Can I be contacted in case of emergency?

Normally there are always satellite phones and radios on the transporter boats and at the camps. Otherwise there is always the possibility to pass on messages through the meteo station on Raphaël Island or through the National Coast Guard posts on Raphaël and South Islands.

10. Can you help me with pre-trip preparation? What clothes should I take? What tackles should I bring?

Once a deposit has been made, we will advise you about all this, which is a very standard list for remote tropical remote areas.

11. What species will I expect to catch on my trip?

Saint Brandon offers a huge amount of opportunities for a wide range of fishing experience.
You must expect what is unexpected!!!

12. What about insurance?

It is compulsory that you take out travel, health and personal insurance for any possible event, as well as a mandatory emergency medical evacuation policy with Global Rescue or Europ Assistance.

13. What about Visas?

Mauritius does not require US citizen to get a Tourist Visa, same for members of the EEC, British, French, German etc… require none.

14. What documentation will I need?

Your passport must be valid for at least another six months beyond the date of your return from Saint Brandon. Always bring a copy of your passport, as you may lose your original. By sending a photocopy of your passport at least one month before the departure date from Port Louis, we will handle the Outer Island Development Corporation permit, compulsory for all non-Mauritian citizen visiting Saint Brandon.

15. What about my airline tickets?

Mauritius is a recognised tourist destination and any serious travel agent will arrange the lot, from all flights, any extra hotel stays required, road transfers and even travel insurance. We advise booking flexible flights.

16. What are the availabilities of each trip and the capacity of each group?

Depending on when you contemplate to travel to Saint Brandon, we can then reply and supply you with dates and costs for the indicated trip. Usually we do not go over 08 visitors per trip.

17. What language is spoken at our destination and how will I communicate with my guide(s)?

Folks involved with the Saint Brandon trip speak good French and English, and some sufficiently. In any case there will always be an English or French-speaking representative to meet you at the boat on the departure day for Saint Brandon and deal with any question you may have.

18. Can I stay more time once back in Mauritius?

Mauritius is well known worldwide as a unique and fascinating destination, with its own history and stories. It has many great sights and locations to visit. So of course you are free to extend your stay, for a period of 3 months if you wish. Remember you are in charge of your flights, although you need to arrive at specific times at the start of your journey to Saint Brandon.

19. How much will it cost me extra for a single supplement in the proposed packages?

These offers are principally for defined group conditions, but we can consider solo visitors, who will have to join a group. Special rates can be arranged for single supplements i.e. fishing camp, boat, staff etc…, which is usually a further amount on top the quoted price.

20. How much are tips generally to guides and camp/boat staff?

Average tips are $ 25 pp for each day fished for guides and the same to be shared by the camp staff. Of course if you feel you have been especially taken care of, or you have caught that all important huge fish, and want to tip someone a bit more, please do so. You will make a friend for life!!!

21. Can I extend my trip by another week?

You can stay for as long as you like, depending on available sleeping capacity at the camp. Many of our visitors get to the end of the trip and wish they could stay for longer, while others are tired and want to go home. Special deals can be arranged for any visitor who would like an extended trip, depending at free space available at that time at the camp. Please ask on request for supplement.