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Discovery Trip in Saint Brandon

Discover and contribute to preserving Saint Brandon

Holiday destinations are plenty, yet there are some destinations that keep in mind that we have done much to harm our earth, let's try to preserve holiday destinations and contribute towards the survival of pristine sanctuaries. Climate change and the subsequent impact on the global environment stands at the fore of many people’s consciousness. That’s why making responsible travel choices has become even more crucial. Throughout the years, Raphael Fishing has made environmental stewardship and ethical visitor’s practices a priority, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of St Brandon while minimizing human impact over the atoll.

With its crystalline and turquoise waters that lap gently at flawless and powder-white beaches, the discovery trip in Saint Brandon embodies a paradisiac archetypal island dream adventure. It also remains blissfully untouched due to its remoteness. The company is very much concerned in marine life conservation and in preserving the site as a major bird sanctuary for this region of the world.

From intrusive alerts to constant social media sharing, technology is an ever-present guest at our dinner tables, in our office meeting spaces, and on our morning commutes. It’s even snuck its way into experiences meant to be relaxing and revitalizing, like vacations. While electronic devices can certainly help ease some travel troubles, it can also be a relief to step away from your phone or computer.

And the best way to do that is by removing the temptation entirely—no TVs, no Wi-Fi—and indulge in some much-deserved digital detoxing. With its crystalline, turquoise waters that lap gently at flawless, powder-white beaches, Saint Brandon, embodies the archetypal islands paradise dream. It also remains blissfully untouched due to its remoteness. Raphael Fishing is very much concerned in marine life conservation and in preserving the site as a major bird sanctuary for this region of the world.

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Our goal

  • The cleaning of several beaches touched by marine pollution.
  • Planting on several islands.
  • Rehabilitation of Cocos Island.


  • Day 1 and 2: Departure from Port Louis at 15h30, arrival at South Island on the next day around 16h30-17h00 (Depending on the sea state).
  • Day 3: Discovering South Island and her eco-system, cleaning of the beach. Snorkelling around South Island and observation of a frigate colony.
  • Day 4: Cocos Island, discover the eco-system of the island. Cleaning of the beach.
  • Day 5: Visit of different wrecks of the atoll, fishing lobster. Planting of trees on South Island.
  • Day 6: Cocos Island, rehabilitation of the living area. Planting trees.
  • Day 7: Discovering Chaloupe Island. Cleaning of the beach. Snorkelling in the lagoon.
  • Day 8: Discovering Avocaire and Paul Islands.
  • Day 9: Departure from South Island after breakfast. Arrival in Port Louis on the next morning.


  • This program can be modified at any moment by the guide due to bad weather.
  • The evolution of our actions will be sent to you every year and you will be able to follow the success of the project.

Included in the expedition

  • Two tender boats equipped with two 15hp engines.
  • Three Mauritian meals per day.
  • Water and basic soft drinks.
  • 5 x 24 beer cans.
  • Guide.

Not included in the expedition

  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Diving or fishing equipment.
  • The products that are not on the menu (fillet of beef, duck confit ...).
  • OIDC Permit.

Price  MUR 110,000/Person

For foreigners, the OIDC permit will be charged at MUR 10,000 per persons.

Medical & Health Requirements
Mandatory emergency medical evacuation insurance (Global rescue or Europ Assistance).

Everyone travelling to Mauritius must have a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the end of travel.

Terms of Payment
A 50% Deposit must be received on confirmation of the dates and full payment must be received at least 4 weeks prior to departure. If deposit is not made upon confirmation of dates, the company has the right to give the booking dates to another group.
If a trip is cancelled by the clients less than 4 weeks prior to departure, the deposit will be forfeited. If a trip is cancelled less than 2 weeks prior to a departure for unreasonable reasons*, the total amount will be forfeited.
Please note that a deposit of MUR 25,000 is requested in case of breakage or loss of equipment. This amount will be refunded when you return to Mauritius. In case of loss or breakage of equipment due to your negligence the company will use the money to cover for repairs.

If a trip is cancelled by the company due to dangerous weather or another unforeseen event, the client will be refunded in full.
*The company reserves the right to decide if a cancellation is made reasonably. Reasonable cancelation may include severe weather or another unforeseen event
If one of the transporters is not operational for unforeseen reasons, another one will be made available. For available dates, please check with the company

The whole ecosystem is simply amazing... birds, fish, sting rays, sharks... and more