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Saint Brandon - We bring you the best of the Indian Ocean


In 1928, The Raphaël Fishing Co. Ltd (RFC) purchased the assets of Saint Brandon Fish and Manure Co. Ltd, including the Permanent Lease attached to some of Saint Brandon islands (also known as the Cargados Carajos).

RFC has since this date managed the archipelago, except for the period 1960 – 1993, when the management was entrusted to its subsidiary, Mauritius Fishing Development (MFD).

At all times, RFC has observed best practices in resource management through a series of positive measures. Fish catch has been maintained at the threshold of 300 tonnes per year, as well as a steady production of good quality salted fish over the past decades. The manure harvesting has been phased out quite a long time ago. The company has also, since some years now, put in place a choice of leisure packages to respond to the growing needs for sport fishing and other outdoor activities such as diving, kitesurfing or ecotourism. For the moment the human activities are carried out principally around the islands of Raphaël and Ile du Sud.

At the same time, RFC has always maintained a self-imposed conservation attitude to protect the environment of Saint Brandon  and develop an integrated approach by making sustainability a priority. RFC has always shown its willingness to collaborate with the relevant authorities and NGOs in order to implement a global conservation plan for Saint Brandon.


General Rules of Raphael Fishing for Saint Brandon visitors


Saint Brandon is an important bird sanctuary. Please interfere as little as possible with them. When doing beach excursions, please be careful not to walk on eggs or to disturb a nest. Not all islands can be visited, for example the islands which hold colonies of roseate sterns such as petit IDS, Veronge or Zozo Posé should not be approached. These bird species chicks are very skittish and if disturbed will run out to sea and often drown unable to come back ashore.


We allow visitors to catch and keep fish which will be cooked for the same day meals. All other fish caught during the day must be released whilst taking as much care as possible not to harm them. We recommend removing the barbs from hooks to ensure minimum damage to the fish released. When fishing for a meal, please do so outside the lagoons as one must remember that the lagoons are the cradle for Saint Brandon's fish population. Strictly no fish is allowed to be brought back to Mauritius.


Enough crayfish for a meal can be caught on the condition that strictly no females with eggs and small specimen are kept. Please be careful while catching the crayfish as it is only once caught that one can see if it is a female or not. Ensure not to damage the coral reef when crayfishing. Same as for the fish, strictly no crayfish allowed to be brought back to Mauritius.


Please interfere as little as possible with them either on land when they are nesting or in the water especially while they are breeding. The biggest crime one could commit on Saint Brandon would be to kill one for the meat or even dig out an egg for a meal. STRICTLY PROHIBITED. 


Shark fishing is not permitted, if accidentally caught; great care must be taken so as to release it ASAP. Shark fining is obviously strictly prohibited

Sea Shells

Saint Brandon are full of seashells, one may bring back a few dead ones as souvenir but bearing in mind, a sea shell looks much nicer on a beach than on a shelf. Live seashells or shells which have a new owner (eg. hermit crabs) are strictly prohibited to be touched.


We have a few permanent moorings strategically placed around Saint Brandon; please make use of these so as to cause no harm to the coral reef by dropping anchor. If one inevitably has to put down anchor, please be sure to set it down on a sandy bottom.


Please practice this sport away from the islands as the kites affect the bird populations nesting on them.


Like in Mauritius, spear-fishing is strictly forbidden

Illegal activities

If you find or see anyone not respecting the above rules of conduct or practicing any illegal activity, please inform the company ASAP and we will make sure to take action, report him/them to the relevant authority and further block that individual or group from any activity offered by the company in the future.