Raphaël Fishing Co. Ltd. (”RFC”) is a truly historical company and is over 95 years’ old. RFC was incorporated in Port Louis, Mauritius on 7 July 1927. In 1928, the Raphaël Fishing Co. acquired the assets of the Saint Brandon Fish and Manure Co. Ltd, which included the October 1901 permanent lease covering thirteen of the thirty Saint Brandon islands (also known as the Cargados Carajos Shoals). On 30 July 2008, the United Kingdom Privy Council adjudged the 1901 permanent lease as a permanent grant.

In keeping with its centenarian past, the Raphaël Fishing Company continues to take a responsible, accountable and proactive stance on the upkeep and protection of the fauna & flora on its islands together with the directly affected marine environment adjoining the Saint Brandon Islands. The Company has a long-standing legacy of securing these natural habitats and safely preserving them for future generations to enjoy. Responsible access to visitors is simplified exclusively through a request to eco-protection@stbrandon.com. For organisational reasons related to the protection of the ecology of specific company islands, all visitor requests must be received well in advance of a proposed landing. RFC is fully committed to the protection of flora and fauna and to controlling the propagation of ecological harm through unauthorised access.

Raphaël Fishing Company rigorously observes best practice in long term, sustainable resource management by restricting fishing catches in line with internationally established thresholds. Concurrently, the Company has, over the years, offered truly World Class fishing-related leisure packages for sport fishing and, other related activities, upon arrival on the Atoll that include diving and kitesurfing. Ecotourism complements these activities and highlights the protection afforded by the Company to its thirteen idyllic islands.

St Brandon is unique and, without doubt, one of the most pristine, isolated and exclusive saltwater fishing locations on the planet. If the Indian Ocean offers the best Bone fishing in the world, the Atoll of St. Brandon is the jewel in the crown of bone fishing.

In the words of our clients, ”If wading and sight casting to double digit Bonefish, tailing Indo-Pacific Permit and a host of Trevally species on powder white sand flats on an extremely remote Indian Ocean atoll appeals to you then look no further; St Brandon’s Atoll is the destination for you. This magical atoll has quickly risen to iconic status in the world of saltwater fly-fishing and for good reason; the flats fishing for Bonefish, Indo-Pacific Permit and a host of Trevally species is simply world class!