“where nature comes first”

Set in the Indian Ocean, the 13 islands of Saint Brandon are under the responsibility of Raphaël Fishing and make visitors think differently about the world.  Through various environmentally sustainable fishing activities, they discover the islands’ ecosystem, a showcase of biodiversity where Nature comes First.


Saint Brandon, also known as the Cargados Carajos Shoals, is an Indian Ocean archipelago, situated on the Mascarene Plateau, about 430 km Northeast of Mauritius, and is composed of sandbanks, shoals, and islets. The ecosystem of the 13 islands of Saint Brandon is a place where you can still connect and merge with nature. Raphaël Fishing’s team work with NGOs, scientists and conservationists, including the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation, to protect species and help to preserve the complex ecosystems of the islands, for future generations.
Our conservation efforts are economically sustained by responsible fishing and related activities for those who visit the islands. Our focus is to preserve the ecological integrity of the islands by encouraging visitors to leave us with treasured memories and a commitment to preserving the natural resources that first attracted them to Saint Brandon.